Samsung Galaxy S2 Problem – Charging paused. Voltage too high – RESOLVED

Samsung Galaxy S2 problem where after charging a warning sounds starts and a error message appears showing Charging paused. Voltage too high, if you are having the same issue or have overcome the issue with a fix please let me know by a comment, I have restarted the S2, changed the battery, restarted and done a factory reset but have had no joy and the S2 problem persists ?



  1. By: mrix2000

    on: November 30, 2012 . Reply

    Hello all, I have just received an email explaining my Galaxy S2 has been processed and has been sent back to me! I have just rang then to explain what does processed me? does it mean fixed ? They have explained that, yes its been fixed, they have replaced the charger socket as it appeared to be lose and they have updated the software which is strange as it already had Vanilla sandwich on ?
    Just need to see if its actually fixed now! I`ll keep you updated! best of luck with S2`s

  2. By: mrix2000

    on: December 1, 2012 . Reply

    Update 2 – High all once I started the phone and checked the software version it was showing I had version 4.03, I had been trying updates for weeks with no joy using 4.01 ?
    Not sure if anyone else is having this issue ? Anyway within just a few minutes it flashed up on screen as having another update which I installed being 4.04 so I am now a very happy chappy! hope all you guys / Gals get the same luck!

  3. By: Sam Mellor

    on: December 2, 2012 . Reply

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  4. By: mrix2000

    on: December 2, 2012 . Reply

    The Galaxy S2 High voltage warning has now been totally resolved with no issues at all within the past 24 hours! anyone else having the same issue make sure you upgrade to at least vanilla sandwich 4.03 + and if that does not sort it, its likely your charging port needs replacing! best of luck to all!

  5. By: topherEdge2010

    on: December 5, 2012 . Reply

    Seems like I am having a similar problem with my sprint Galaxy S2 but not only does it say voltage too high, it will at times charge to 80% then say its fully charged. I took it to sprint but all they keep telling me is that it’s the battery or my charger. I have used 5 different chargers and 3 (new) batteries and I am still having the same issue. they refuse to believe that my issue is either the charging port or the software and I have been fighting with them to fix my phone for the past week

  6. By: Heather Roach

    on: December 6, 2012 . Reply

    So i have the same problem, i am through sprint though. Sprint also told me that this is not a normal thing that happens, but i have replaced the phone and its happening with the new phone as well… i have now decided that i am just going to get and iPhone… kinda sad to see my phone go, but i can’t keep dealing with it because that beeping sound is very annoying, and it kills my battery very fast because the screen is constantly lit up… ): but i’m glad i’m not the only one with this problem

  7. By: reginald20004

    on: December 7, 2012 . Reply

    I’m having the same problwm also. I’m with sprint. I will be contacting them asap

  8. By: mrix2000

    on: December 7, 2012 . Reply

    Hello have you first tried updating your android software to the latest version which is 4.04 ? if that does not help you will need to take it back as its likely to be the charging port which was replaced on mine which solved the issue and I have had no problems to date! best of luck anyway, it would be greatly appreciated if you could update us if you had any joy which could help other here in the same boat, best of luck mrix

  9. By: mrix2000

    on: December 7, 2012 . Reply

    Hello all, This specific issue for me was resolved by Virgin media replacing the charger port on the Galaxy S2 and updating to the latest software for Android which on this phone is 4.04, I suggest you should update your android first and if that fails send it back!
    If you manage to resolve your personal problem with this phone please remember to come back and make a comment with in turn could help others in the same boat! best of luck to all…mrix

  10. By: Ipodfreak932

    on: December 8, 2012 . Reply

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  11. By: Jay R Cue

    on: December 9, 2012 . Reply

    My second galaxy s2 im with sprint. I sent the first one back for the same thing, now the second one is doing it. Has something to do with the charger port…sucks I can’t keep sending phones back. I think it has something to do with using third party chargers my fiance has not had a problem with hers and she still has the factory charger.

  12. By: Sam Mellor

    on: December 9, 2012 . Reply

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  13. By: heartlesslizz

    on: December 12, 2012 . Reply

    I have the same issue. I have a gs2 and it’s for sprint i have no idead what to do

  14. By: TheSnowElf3

    on: December 14, 2012 . Reply

    I am having the same issue, but my warranty is past 1 year. What should I do?

  15. By: idham khalil

    on: December 14, 2012 . Reply

    Hi…I manage to solve the problem. Take a small pin and clean up the charging port at the bottom of your phone. Especially the narrow space between the port and the phone. Dirt and moisture seems to make the phone keep on charging. Good luck!

  16. By: George Diffey

    on: December 14, 2012 . Reply

    I have the same problem today, how have you fixed it ?

  17. By: mrix2000

    on: December 14, 2012 . Reply

    NEW UPDATE – Just received my phone back explaining in the note it had been fixed with these details – The Charging Socket / connector was found to be faulty. This component has been replaced. As part of the repair you phone has had a full service including upgrading the Software in the phone to 4.03.
    All in all if this works I will be very happy indeed with Virgin Mobile as from start to finish its only been 3 day! my phone was running 4.01, I did update but the phone showed nothing available?

  18. By: mrix2000

    on: December 14, 2012 . Reply

    Read my New update comment. best of luck. mrix

  19. By: blaq beautii

    on: December 15, 2012 . Reply

    My phone is with at&t im not having that problem but suddenly my phone has been taking forever to charge like 1% every 5 to 10 minutes

  20. By: MoneyOverBitches806

    on: December 15, 2012 . Reply

    The problem is USING the phone while its on the charger before 30%; the battery stretches itself in order charge and provide power “at the same damn time”. So if your Galaxy won’t charge, or you keep getting this message please know it has Nothing to do with the socket, you just need a new Battery, mine was fifteen dollars on amazon. Oh and pretty soon your phone won’t turn on at all unless you get the battery.

  21. By: Jennifer Villers

    on: December 18, 2012 . Reply

    my husbands phone is doing the exact same thing he has only had it for 1 1/2 months and my daughter just ordered a galaxy II two days ago i hope it wasn’t a mistake

  22. By: icehouse1979

    on: December 23, 2012 . Reply

    Yep got the same issue. So its a sign that my battery is going?

  23. By: Nazree Bahar

    on: December 25, 2012 . Reply

    Thank God. And thanks to Idham. Our problem solved. It is just a small problem. Get a small pin and put it into the charging port at the bottom of the phone and clean it for a few seconds. What a good tip !

  24. By: grahamsummerscales9

    on: December 27, 2012 . Reply

    My phone is doing the battery flash thing,and was at one point making beeps,i did not get the high voltage thing,and the phone works fine,for now i have as yet not contacted any expert regards this as yet

  25. By: grahamsummerscales9

    on: December 27, 2012 . Reply

    I just did the clean pins and it worked thanks to you idea